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Labor Support  & Placenta  Encapsulation Services

Celebrating Labor Day, Everyday! 


Having a baby changes everything; Your world will never be the same!

What To Expect 

You can expect a life changing experience like no other.  Expect for me to provide the support & guidance to build confidence & create a sense of calm for your new born baby. Expect to be my number one priority, expect to leave this experience with more people that you came with. Expect a bundle of joy, to laugh, cry, and smile together. Expect to be prepared. Expect a Doula, leave with a friend! 


My experience with having Nina as my Doula was everything I could dream of. She was professional, kind, informative, and comforting through the entire process. She accompanied me to hospital tours and when the time had come for labor-She went above and beyond to assure that I was comfortable. She was hands on, and helped with choosing the best birth position for me. She had aromatherapy per my requests, also massages and exercises to keep me calm and ready to push. My Prenatal, labor, and Postnatal experience turned out to be uncomplicated & beautiful! I am thankful to have had her as my Doula and would refer her to others.



Expecting is a joyous experience and birthing options to those expecting may not be clear at the moment and asking questions may seem bothersome. Nina was very supportive and respectful of my concerns. She was very eager to assist me in My Care Plan. After my talk with her, she will be My first Doula ever! I am very excited and truly support The Doula Experience! Ladies a voice in your and your Baby's Plan Matters. 


Nina did amazing work as our Doula. We were able to sit down during our consultation and customize our plan based on what we wanted in our pregnancy and birth. We decided on a mix of prenatal,active labor, and postpartum visits. Nina taught us techniques for labor and massaged my hands and feet during my third trimester. She labored with us each contraction in the hospital. After we came home she came to visit the baby and I, help with dishes and laundry, and stay to chat with me. Nina has stayed in contact with us to continue to make sure we are settled and thriving as a new party of three.

The Strons'