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Labor Support  & Placenta  Encapsulation Services


Meet the Doula

What's a Doula?

Understand      |      Care      |      Educate

A doula is a non healthcare professional trained companion who supports an individual through childbirth, miscarriage, or stillbirth. A Doula’s duty is to provide a continuous source of comfort, encouragement and support (both emotional and physical) during labor. We are there to serve as a soothing voice of experience, help with relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, offer advice on labor positions and more. A doula may also act as a mediator and an advocate who's there to run interference with hospital personnel, as well as translate medical terms and explain procedures.

Nina Henry   

Birth|Postpartum Doula & Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

I'm Nina, a Professional Birth Coach, child perinatal educator, lactation consultant, & certified placenta encapsulation specialist . My role as a Doula is to provide comfort and support through many variations of pregnancy. I believe a positive experience during pregnancy and childbirth aids in a successful transition to parenthood. What started out as family and friends reaching out with minor or complicated questions regarding prenatal and postnatal care, would quickly transition them to asking me to assist them during the laboring process as support and a companion. It was then, that I realized my calling had found me, and I've been passionate ever since. I reside in the South Metro of Minnesota with my Husband & four daughters. I've been fortunate enough to be alongside amazing people and provide emotional, physical, and educational support to expecting parents and parents who've recently given birth. I believe every birth experience is sacred and beautiful, Whether it’s the parent's- first, or fifth time.

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